Rick Barda has been my music mentor for the past three years. I began studying with him my senior year in high school when I wasn’t sure exactly where music fit into my life. In my ‘pre-Barda’ life, I spent many hours per week practicing difficult techniques on the guitar, but it seemed that I would never be able to fully understand how people I heard on the radio could hit that perfect note. The music I loved to listen to seemed so foreign to me. I searched high and low on a journey to find something that I had no knowledge of and couldn’t articulate in words.”

“After taking private lessons with many instructors, none seemed to have what I was looking for. Of course, each instructor would teach me various concepts and techniques that I practiced with vigor, but in retrospect most of these ideas were sparse and unconnected.”

Since I began my studies with Rick, I’ve discovered what it’s like to study with a mentor, as opposed to taking a ‘guitar lesson’. I’m now obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Studio/Jazz Guitar Performance at the University of Southern California because of Rick’s unique knowledge of music and his passion for teaching. I’ve turned from playing rock guitar as a hobby to being a confident player/composer/arranger in jazz and many other styles of music.”

      -Jacob Mayeda, Graduate of USC Thornton School of Music (Bachelor’s in Jazz Performance)


“Any student lucky enough to study with Rick should not only feel confident that they are receiving the highest quality music education available, but should also feel priviledged to work with one of the truly great musical minds of the day…

-Dave Curtis, founder of the Dave Curtis Music Academy

If you want to improve your playing, knowledge, and gain a total understanding of music and the guitar, you owe it to yourself to give this guy a shot.

-Steve Johnson, guitarist for Pro2Call


“Rick Barda’s approach to teaching is an all inclusive mentoring program that not only informs the student on how to play their instruments like traditional corner store lessons, but more importantly, shows the student how music works…

-Aaron Madden, Berklee Grad ’00



“I’ve known Rick Barda for almost 30 years, and can tell you that if you want to be on the fast track toward a complete understanding of harmony and theory and how to apply it to the guitar, he’s your man.”

-Mark Fitchett, owner of the Fitchett Guitar School


“Rick Barda is a world-class music instructor that has an incredible knowledge of music theory and its application to the guitar. His method of teaching allows students to advance quickly with a thorough understanding of music…

-Jon Coleman, guitarist for Gold Coast and Abrakadabra