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One of my greatest strengths is that I help my students to avoid the many pitfalls and dead ends that I’ve been a victim to – they can travel from point A to point B in the straightest possible line in the shortest amount of time, yet have the most solid, thorough foundation possible, all the while developing THEIR OWN HONEST, PERSONAL ART. I want to carry on in the tradition of the great masters like Dick Grove by providing an extremely substantial base of comprehension, while imparting a clear, overall perspective of how seemingly disconnected aspects of music and musical style can be grasped as a composite whole, thus giving the student the ability to SEE and HEAR everything so clearly that they truly can develop their own personal vision. I take pride in the fact that my students are in total control of their music in every way, can write in any style from Ragtime to M-Base, in any orchestrational setting, and with any degree of commerciality they may desire

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